Track #5

It has come to my attention,
That the rationalization,
Behind objectification,
Is being perpetuated,
By those who are infatuated,
With Pornography,
Who claim that misogyny,
Is only present 99.99% of the time.

If you can’t see the difference between,
A woman who chooses to be erotic,
And a man who views that as exotic,
That’s simply moronic.
I knew a woman who called herself a dancer,
Giving a man a lap dance on a seat,
And to the person giving her the dollar she’s just a piece of meat

Put me on display.

Insert: Brad Pitt’s face, Gerard Butler’s abs, and Denzel’s ass.

But I will not be subjugated to you beckoning.
No I will be Bane and become Gotham’s reckoning.
This juxtaposition of what a so-called man is supposed to be,
Will become Frankenstein’s monster
Wreaking havoc on a material existence,
Smashing old stereotypes,
And dogmas of advertisement.

This blonde-hair, blue-eyed devil will be called:
The Anti-Christ,
But I am simply here to destroy a cultural zeitgeist,
By planting a virus into the heads of the sleeping like it’s Inception
I won’t stop til I’ve reached 6.8 billion
There is no exception
There is no compromise,
My mission is one that is just.
To show the world that there is a difference between