The Lion and the Lamb

Sing to me sweet symphony of propaganda,
We are all lions in this game because the lambs have been swept away.
Under the rugs of riots, rockets, and rhetoric:
To be a Jew is to be a Settler,
To be a Palestinian is to be a terrorist.

But if the two are mutually exclusive then why do we feel the need to slit the throats of our brothers?
Is it simply to find out who bleeds more?

A tangible wall in the West Bank,
but an intangible one in our minds.
I am right and she is wrong.
But let me explain in an edited comment,
while I sit in the comfort of my home,
drinking my coffee,
the only bombs I hear going off are the ones in Camp Pendleton.

White American,
with dream songs like the rest.
Hitting the likes, exploiting the shares.
We are this,
and they are that.

Socially distorted realities dependent only upon sound bytes and stereotypes.
But which side are you on?

What do I know?
Why Should I care?

I'm just a blonde-haired blue-eyed-bleeding-heart-Liberal-Zionist-Arab-Palestinian-Terrorist-sympathizing-motherfucker
who knows too much for his own good.


Do I need to tear the flesh from my wrists to show you why?
Because if my blood is even a shade darker than the rest of you I will gladly take a vow of silence,
but if not then I will not stop spitting indifference in the face until the aquifers which quench my thirst go dry.

You may say what I am doing is normalization,
but all I see is procrastination towards a justified solution.

And I don't have any answers,
I don't have a PhD is Peace Studies,
But what I do know
Is that sometimes,

It's not enough to simply walk in someone else's shoes when you're still walking on a soft flat surface of sand.

You need to crawl on the rocks upon which the waves crash to understand why someone's head is filled with salt, and you conscience is clear.

So please, sing to me,
sweet symphony of propaganda,
Provide me a lullaby as to why there are only lions in this game, and no lambs.
It is because they have been sacrificially slaughtered,
Their throats slit upon the altar of riots, rockets, and rhetoric.

But they're not just fucking settlers, they're not just fucking terrorists.

They are:


They are men,
They are women.