I can’t breathe. 
I’m choking on the fumes that are surrounding me. 
Emanating from the man sitting in front of me. 
One eye black, 
the other is blue. 
Stench is subtle, so I ask, 
“What would Jesus do?”
So I sit down with him, 
hear what he has to say, 
He tells me that they’re after him, 
the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. 
The stench is getting stronger, 
it’s starting to sink in. 
Blood, piss, vomit, 
whiskey and gin.
The fumes are clasping at my neck, 
I can’t breathe and I yell,

“Dad! Dad! Please help me!”
The screams of Kelly Thomas weren’t ignored because he was white
We cuffed our ears because he was a social parasite. 
So they stomped on him, like an exterminator does to surviving bugs,
but Rape Culture blames the victim, he shouldn’t have done drugs.

“Oh well,” they say,
“Another day, another day.”
If I’m refused service, I’ll scream and I’ll rage, 
the same thing happens to the homeless but it’s “welcome to LA”

So I’m checking my privilege, for all of you to see. 
I’m stepping over boundaries, woe is me. 
I’m just sick and tired of America’s homelessphobic hypocrisy