I'm Over It

June gloom is a plague that stretches into the early days of August in my city.  Every morning when I drive to work I enter a mist that engulfs my neighborhood, and I can barely see twenty feet in front of me.  When I put my foot on the gas pedal I am taking a risk: will I hit a deer, coyote, another car, or a cyclist?  It’s a risk that I take, and one that I accept. 

And I do it every day without fear. 

For the past couple of months I have been experiencing anxiety in various aspects of my life, and have used different methods to cope with it.  The reasons for my anxiety are many, but the conclusion I have reached is this: it can’t go on anymore like this.  

I am over living in a life of fear and anxiety.  Fear and anxiety inhibit us from what we truly want to do, how we want to live our lives, and who we love.

What I’ve learned is rather than ignore these fears is to welcome them and to adapt to the situation.  I have been practicing this for the past couple of months and all I can say is that things have become much better.    

I have a fear of many things: war, poverty, death, and loss. As a way to combat these fears, I’ve learned to accept them; just like I’ve learned to accept the risk I take each day getting into my car.

I will still experience fear and anxiety, but now I know that I am in control of how I react to them.

Things might work out.

They might not.

If I accept this, I can learn to be present and enjoy the moment.

Here are a few helpful links that have helped me in my journey. 

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