A Story of Interfaith Collaboration Worth Sharing

A story of interfaith collaboration worth sharing.

Just yesterday I was driving down a main city street doing work for a friend.  I was battling a current bout of depression and couldn’t seem to get out of my rut.  I drove by a church my childhood friends had attended with three people holding signs that read, “Having a rough day? Drive by prayer!”  This was a church that I did not care for growing up.  I grew up Catholic, and many people who went to this church delegitimized my faith.  They said that I was not a true Christian, speculated that the Pope was the anti-Christ, and claimed that I worshipped the Virgin Mary.  For all the love I give to interfaith organizations like the Muslim Jewish Conference, I still struggle with my own prejudice of having an interfaith dialogue or collaboration with this particular strand of Christianity. 

“How stupid,” I initially thought.  Then another thought occurred.  Maybe this was God reaching out to me.  So I did a U-turn, drove up to the church, and prayed with two old ladies who couldn’t have been 10 years older than my own mother. 

As we prayed I thought to myself, “these two women have a concept of God that is entirely different than my own, but they are trying their best, just like I am.” 

For all of our differences, I saw beauty in that commonality.  After we prayed, a wave of serenity came over me. 

So what did I take out of this experience? Be open. Be kind. And don't let your past dictate your present and future.