Yesterday was the first day in over 14 years I went surfing with my brother James P Goodman and not only did I catch a wave, which was something I could never do in my preteen years, but I caught four (and wiped out in kooks slams fashion in numerous attempts to catch more).

Here's what I learned from the experience:

- Now I know why people surf.

- It's okay to be a kook as long as you're having fun.

- I would never be able to do what I did if I didn't start working out in calisthenics.

- When I was 13 I thought I was "too old and too chubby" to surf because everyone I grew up with was skinny and started surfing at the age of five. Now I'm 27 and will continue this hobby for the rest of my life.

- Don't live a life thinking you're too this or too that in order to try something new. Go out. Do it. And enjoy it!