What Are You Grateful For Today?

Today I am grateful for Trader Joe's.

And no, I don't mean working there, although I am grateful for that as well. I simply mean Trader Joe's the company.

Almost everything I eat at home is from there.

Today I've already had their apothecary kefir drink, eggs, bagels, mangos, bananas, cereal (Trader Joe O's), vanilla coconut milk, trail mix, an orange, their East Timor coffee (which is new and delicious) and a larabar. All from a tiny store that opened 50 years ago in Pasadena, California.

But my all time favorite food From Trader Joe's is their honey greek yogurt. I don't wanna hear about how much sugar, fat, or saturated fat is in it, each bite I take I think that it was either

A. Made by a Greek god


B. Made for Greek gods.

A lot of my American friends who live outside of the U.S. say they miss this, and In-N-Out the most.

If you're grateful for Trader Joe's, what's your favorite item they sell?