I Need a Partner in Crime.

At least that’s how I feel today.

For the past three years I’ve been doing so many side projects on my own.  I think it’s time I shop around and look for some support. 

I don’t want to disregard my mentors: I have plenty of those, and I am forever grateful for them.   

But I need someone who wants to get dirty with me.  Someone who is just as lost but just as passionate as I am. 

I help out in a few organizations that I am passionate about myself. 

But right now I need to find someone to help me grow in my own personal visions.  It could be for my podcast, my videos, or my website.  Or it could be something else entirely.

But right now this “going at it alone business” is hard and exhausting. 

If you know anyone, please send him or her my way.