I Am Burned Out

I am burned out. 

The stress of working three jobs and four side projects has finally caught up to me. 

That leads me to beg the question: what should you do when you are burned out?

I might have an answer.

I can’t tell you how long I slept the other day, I just know that I overslept, and I was still tired. 

But instead of doing nothing, I did something.

I exercised.  I ran for about three miles, and I felt so much better afterwards.

Mind you, I was still plenty tired even after I had got done with my run, but I felt a little rejuvenated afterwards. 

On some days that is all you can wish for. 

I’m not stating that exercise is the end all be all cure for feeling burned out, but I do think that I am the type of person where being proactive instead of inactive leads to a higher sense of well being. 

I know that not everyone is like this, but maybe if you’re reading this and you are that it inspires you to take some sort of action, or none at all.

The choice is yours and it always has been.