When Writing Becomes the Only Medium to Capture the Essence of the Moment

Sometimes photography, music, or even the spoken cannot capture what I have witnessed and therefore can only be expressed through writing. 

These are actually my favorite moments, and for the past two weeks I have been blessed to witness more than normal, or maybe I am just becoming more observant with age.  Either way, I would like to share some of these moments with you all. 

These most recent moments have occurred mostly in the morning.  When the day is new, the caffeine from my morning cup of joe hasn’t had the chance to kick in, and the possibilities of what is to come are limitless. 

The first moment occurred just a little over two weeks ago. The quickest way to get to work requires me to drive up a long hill that overlooks the ocean once you get to the top.  I was just telling my mom that I used to love waking up early when I was in school because the morning dew and fog made my town look like a whole new world.  I didn’t tell her that I stopped experiencing that when I wake up to go to work.  That all changed on this day when I got to the top of the hill, saw the sun’s reflection on a group of clouds hovering over the ocean, and saw something that would have been described as a fantasy island by Le Guin or Martin.   

The second moment was another early morning.  The sun was already out and cascading down the same hill I was driving on in my first moment, but for the first time in my 27 years I saw two coyotes casually walking across the street.  Don’t get me wrong, I see coyotes all the time, but I have never seen them in broad daylight.  It was a sight I will not forget simply for the fact that every time I’ve seen a coyote prior to this was when the night was at its darkest. 

My last moment is what inspired me to share these moments with all of you.  It occurred this past Saturday, and I was getting ready to leave for work with only four hours of sleep.  Normally I turn on my kitchen light before I leave, but this time I decided not to and noticed the dark grey storm clouds peacefully residing over my neighborhood.  If I had turned on my kitchen light, I would not have seen this magnificent force of nature.I stood there for a few seconds to marvel at God’s beauty and left for work with the realization that when it all comes down to it, no matter what, we are all going to be okay.