A post-Thanksgiving thought experiment: Practicing infinite gratitude.

When you sit down to eat today I encourage you to give thanks for your food, but right before you take your first bite, take a moment to reflect on how that food arrived to your table.

For example, when I take a bite out of a spoon full of yogurt, I am grateful for the cashier that checked me out, I am grateful for the person who stocked the yogurt, I am grateful for the truck driver who transported it to the store, I am grateful for the warehouse workers who packaged it in bulk, etc.

I believe this practice of gratitude has the potential to go on forever with whatever food you choose to eat because we have an effect on each other's lives and on this planet more than what we give ourselves credit for.

And if you think this is too woo-woo new age hippie hocus pocus for you, do it for the fact that your food will be way tastier after this practice.