Am I Being My Best Self?


I love yoga, but admittedly, I haven’t been to a class in over a year.  That is, until I went with a friend this past week.


One of the reasons I love yoga is that a wave of powerful emotions can rush through you when you least suspect it.  During my most recent yoga class, I experienced multiple ego checks, resistance, and acceptance, among many other feelings. 


I also had an awesome epiphany.  For the past couple of years, I’ve tried envisioning my best self.


What is the best version of me?  What does he look like?  What does he do?  How does he react and respond to situations?


Unfortunately, I would usually ask myself this question only after I knew I wasn’t being my best self.  Whether it was an argument with my parents, a friend, or my girlfriend, knowing I wasn’t being my best self was always a post self-reflective thought process. 


I was battling with some minor anxiety issues during this yoga class, but then it dawned on me: would my best self be worried about such ridiculous things?  The answer was an absolute no.  And like what a gardener does to a weed before it infects the rest of his plants, my fears, anxieties, and worries were uprooted before they overtook me. 


Minor inconsistencies don’t bother my best self.  He doesn’t let fear control his life.  He gives and receives love. 


He’s assertive, and not aggressive. 


He doesn’t let emotions control him. 


And he works through any challenge presented before him. 


He asks for help when he needs it, and he only fights resistance when it comes to the creative process, and not his ego. 


So if you’re battling with an irrational fear, anxiety, or worry, ask yourself: am I being my best self? 


If you answered no, then try and see what happens. 


The results may shock you.