The Happiness in Creation

I consider myself a creative person.  I write long and short form personal essays, poetry, and fictional short stories.  I play and write music, and I am currently working on a podcast that is unlike anything I have ever shared or done before.


All of these things I do because I have this itch that can only be scratched when the pen meets the paper, or when my fingers hit the keyboard.  Others find it through exercise and sport, while some find it through various forms of art, whether it’s expression or performance. 


Sometimes I get down on myself in this creative process.  Not because I haven’t had my “big break”, but because I haven’t been creating enough.  I get scared, and instead of working on something, I’m going down the Youtube rabbit hole.  I recently realized that I am happiest when I am working on a project.  Whether or not that project will be seen by anyone else is of no importance. 


I’m not looking for fortune or fame,

I’m not looking for you to remember my name,

This ain’t no dog-eat-dog game,

Just looking to get by cause we’re all one in the same.


For me, sitting down and coming up with ideas, and having them manifest into something tangible is one of the best feelings in the world.  Recognition from my peers and my superiors is nice, but it is not necessary.  With how much I have written whether it is in music, stories, and poetry for the past 15 years, I am beginning to accept that no matter how successful I become as a creative person, only 10% of my work will be recognized.


To all aspiring writers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone else I suggest this one thing: keep on keeping on.  Don’t worry about where or when you will get your break.


I can only speak for myself, but I am happiest when I create.  That happiness is something that money can never buy.